How to Blow Dry Men’s Hair For Volume

It’s not as difficult as you might think to master the art of blow dry men’s hair for volume (men’s edition). What is the one thing that we can say for certain? It is impossible to have a fully functional bathroom without a blow dryer. It is an essential styling tool that should have a place of honor on the counter of every bathroom. It’s a multitasker that provides us with outstanding style, volume, and hold in just a few minutes.


To learn how to blow dry men’s hair for volume, the most important thing to focus on is how you should hold the nozzle of the dryer. This is something that we’ve covered in previous tutorials on drying hair. Men, particularly men who are balding or who have hair that is beginning to thin out, can always benefit from a bit of lift-up top because it can help give the appearance of denser, fuller hair.


See what a flattened hairstyle can do to your entire appearance as well as your mood when compared to what a volumized hairstyle can do for a hot little pompadour or a quiff. On the other hand, see what a volumized hairstyle can do to completely transform your appearance. The difficulty lies in the fact that no guy wants more pouf than he bargained for, as this would defeat the purpose.

How to Blow Dry Men’s Hair For Volume
How to Blow Dry Men’s Hair For Volume

How to Blow Dry Men’s Hair for Volume

When you understand the reasoning behind it, blow dry men’s hair  for volume with a blow dryer is actually quite simple. This is more than just an additional step; it is something that helps you shape your hair using less product and also helps lock in your style so that it stays in place for a significantly longer period of time.

It is essential to make use of the appropriate styling products and methods in order to give your hair a voluminous finish that is also healthy and does not leave it feeling dried out.

Dry the sides

When brushing your hair while concentrating on the airflow, start at a side section and work your way forward. Carry out these steps in a single direction.

How to Blow Dry Men’s Hair For Volume
How to Blow Dry Men’s Hair For Volume


For added volume, you should blow dry men’s hair  volume the crown by simultaneously drying the hair upwards and backward.

Wiggle close to the scalp

Run a blow dryer on the medium setting as close to the roots of your hair as you can without it feeling too hot on your scalp while using a vented brush to help style your hair at an angle. This brush typically has a rectangular head and has slats in it for efficient airflow.

Keep in mind that you should give your strands a slight upward tug while pointing the nozzle backward and upwards using a very small wiggling motion. This will give you more lift without causing your hair to burn.


You can give your hair an extra dose of sheen by pressing the cool-shot button on your blow dry men’s hair for volume for a few seconds and directing some cool air through your hair. This button is located near your trigger finger.

The cold air helps to seal down your hair cuticles so that they all face one direction, which, if you’re going for a shiny look, will make your hair appear more healthy. Aside from that, you should be good to go!

How to Blow Dry Men’s Hair For Volume

    How to Blow Dry Men’s Hair For Volume

Wrapping Up

It looks like you got a really nice haircut. What’s next? This is our guide on how to style men’s hair, which covers everything from using a comb or brush, creating a part, and coloring hair at home to using at-home hair color. In addition, we have styling advice for those with short, medium, or long hair, as well as tips for those with thin, thick, naturally curly, or curly hair. And that’s not the end of it. Continue reading to learn how to blow dry men’s hair for volume.

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